Sherle R. Thompson, Veterinarian & Owner

A “hometown girl,” Dr. Sherle R. Thompson grew up in nearby Hixson and remembers always bringing new animals home as a child.

“I have always known I would be a vet, since as far back as I can remember,” she says.

Dr. Thompson completed her undergraduate studies in Animal Science at Auburn University in 1993, and earned her doctorate in veterinary medicine at the university’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 1997. Upon graduating, she spent time doing relief work for local veterinary hospitals and opening her own mobile veterinary practice. Dr. Thompson joined the staff of South Rhea Animal Hospital in 2000, becoming an owner in 2005. Three years later she was instrumental in the founding and building of Sequoyah Animal Hospital. Dr. Thompson is now our animal hospital’s primary owner and manager.

“I like the challenge of diagnosing cases, being able to come up with a treatment plan and seeing the results,” she says.

Dr. Thompson is a member of the American, Tennessee, and Hamilton Veterinary Medical Associations. Her veterinary interests include internal medicine, reproduction, and cosmetic surgery.

“More recently, I’ve become involved in reproduction, especially focusing on working dogs such as German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherds,” she says. “Soon we will be adding semen collection, frozen semen services, etc. to our hospital.”

Dr. Thompson raises German Shepherds and enjoys the orthopedic challenges the breed presents. She specializes in PennHip radiographs and frequently has clients who travel from out of state for orthopedic evaluations

When she has free time, Dr. Thompson enjoys movies, eating out with friends, camping, and water sports as well as competing in dog sports. Her primary competition dog (pictured here) is Hollywood.

Casey DeStasio, Associate Veterinarian

Dr. DeStasio is a 2020 graduate of Kansas State University and joined our practice in July 2020. During her undergraduate at DeSales University, she studied biology with a minor in chemistry. She recently completed her surgery training with Improve International and is currently working towards her GP certification in surgery.

Dr. DeStasio has wanted to be a veterinarian for as long as she can remember! She enjoys equine medicine, reproduction, and surgery. Dr. DeStasio became an expert at tube feeding when she acquired a newborn pup with a cleft palate within the first week of starting work at Sequoyah Animal Hospital.

At home, Dr. DeStasio has fourteen pets. She has five dogs: Cairo; a Yellow Labrador, Milan; a Black Labrador, Santorini; a Chocolate Labrador and 2 German Shepherds, Alpha and Honey. Her pack also includes four cats: Harrison Furd, Catrick Swayze, Robert Meowny Jr., and Amy Pawhler. She also has five chickens: Dumplin, Nugget, Noodle, Enchilada, and Piccata.

When she is not at work, Dr. DeStasio enjoys reading, baking, and an opportunity she gets to train and work with her dogs! Dr. DeStasio is the owner/breeder of Whiskey Mountain Labradors, which occupies a great deal of her free time. Adorable puppy pictures can be found here:

Anna Hughes, Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Anna Hughes
Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Hughes is a graduate of Lincoln Memorial College of Veterinary Medicine. She completed her undergraduate degree from the University of Kentucky and completed Master of Veterinary Biomedical Sciences degree at Lincoln Memorial University before pursuing her DVM.

Dr. Hughes has an interest in both small and large animals. She grew up on a Thoroughbred farm in Paris, KY, the daughter of veterinarian so it appears that her love of animals and veterinary care “runs on the blood”. Her primary focus is on small animal general practice as well as mixed animal practice.

Dr. Hughes can be found at our Sequoyah Hospital location as well as occasionally out on our ambulatory truck with Scenic City Veterinary Services providing both house and farm call services.

And by the way…..she has a little dog named “Otis”….we think he may be the real boss of the family.