Grooming is an important part of your pet’s regular wellness care and a great way to keep him or her looking and feeling great. Regular grooming can also aid in the prevention and early detection of skin infections and growths before they become a serious problem.

The team at Sequoyah Animal Hospital is happy to offer baths and nail trims to our boarders and patients. For full-service grooming and professional bathing, we partner with our neighboring sister facility, Sequoyah’s Muddy Buddies Dog Wash.

Sequoyah’s Muddy Buddies Dog Wash

With Muddy Buddies’ full-service grooming, you will receive one-on-one communication with a groomer of your choice to ensure you’re completely satisfied with your pet’s groom. Opened in 2009, our facility features an open floor plan with full visibility of the grooming stations to our customers. At Muddy Buddies, your pet will always be treated like a member of our family and receive the highest level of care and compassion.

Every breed of dog and cat is different, so the grooming for each pet is unique. We can recommend a grooming routine for your pet so you know exactly what to look for and how often. A typical full-service grooming appointment includes a bath, haircut, ear cleaning and hair removal, nail trim, and anal gland expression. A professional bath includes a bath with ear cleaning, nail trim, and anal gland expression. Muddy Buddies also offers self-service bathing units with walk-in tubs if you’d ever like to do the job yourself and leave the mess behind.

Our patient, experienced staff consists of professional groomers Penny Eustice, Ashley Lemons, and Megan Benninger and professional bathers Anna Skiles and Ruby White. We are open Monday through Friday from 10 am to 6pm and on Saturday from 9am to 6pm.

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Small Dog

  • Short Hair $21
  • Medium Hair $25
  • Long Hair: $28
Medium Dog

  • Short Hair $25
  • Medium Hair $29
  • Long Hair $38
Large Dog

  • Short Hair $30
  • Medium Hair $33
  • Long Hair $45

*Additional charges may apply for matt removal, etc.

Self-Service Bathing

With self-service bathing, you are provided with access to walk-in tubs, towels, shampoo, ear cleaner and necessary supplies, professional grade blow dryer, and no cleanup! A professional nail trimming is offered to self-service bathers for $6.50.

  • Dogs under 25lb – $12
  • Dogs over 25lb – $15


Grooming prices depend on the breed/size of dog as well as the unique cut, style, and coat condition. We offer breed-standard clips as well as modified clips to the preference of individual clients. Contact us for pricing.

Call Sequoyah’s Muddy Buddies Dog Wash today at (423) 664-5844 for more information or to schedule an appointment, or visit our website at